Thank you to all of those who participated in our calendar contests over the past few years. Unfortunately, we have chosen to discontinue our contest so we will not be opening that up this fall. However, in it’s place, we are accepting pictures with our products and if we choose to use this photo for our website, catalog, advertising, etc., you will be awarded a $50 gift certificate to Cowboy Cordage Inc. or a $25 cash gift card (for each photo chosen). Please use the form below if you’d like to submit a photo for us to review.

Photo Submission Form

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Please be aware that a release from a parent and/or legal guardian will be required for each minor in the photo if your photo is chosen for use in the calendar.

2021 Photo Contest Winners (in order above)
Front Cover (Grand Prize): © Judith Church
January: © Ryan Cole
February: © Courtney Wolverton
March: © Larhea Cole
April: © Becky Holmes
May: © Jessica Jacobs
June (Runner Up): © Jette Black
July: © Emily Westfall
August: © Jennifer Reimer
September: © April Carter
October: © Debbie Chee
November: © Jessica Smith
December: © Judith Church
Back Cover: © Lindsey Gerstenkorn

2020 Photo Contest Winners (in order above)
Front Cover (Grand Prize): © Tee Hover
January: © SJ Holliday
February: © April Carter
March: © Todd Marsh
April: © Natalie Broyles
May: © Jessica Smith
June (Runner Up): © Andrew Broyles
July: © Emily Westfall
August: © Bess Johnson
September: © Jessica Jacobs
October: © Marilyn Vass
November: © Matt Ballard
December: © Robin Brown
Back Cover: © Corey Smith

2019 Photo Contest Winners (in order above)
LaRhea Cole of Downs, Kansas (COVER)
Ronda Perkins of Basalt, Idaho
LaRhea Cole of Downs, Kansas
Nicole Castle of Bellevue, Idaho
Courtney Wolverton of McDermitt, Nevada
Jonathan Michka of Liberty, Kentucky
Jessica Smith of Jordan Valley, Oregon
Dede Smith of May, Idaho
Candace Cope of Monteview, Idaho
Ashlee Hogge of Idaho Falls, Idaho
Marilyn Vass of Thermopolis, Wyoming
McKay Dee Haderlie of Afton, Wyoming
Jessica Smith of Jordan Valley, Oregon