The custom builder is designed for pads that are not available otherwise. Pads built with this custom builder are charged an additional fee for being custom pads. This fee will not be refunded if you order a regularly available pad using this builder. Please note: you do not need to use this custom builder to add colored leather. Colored leather is available in the regular listing for the size of the pad you order. Please return to the WonPad page to check the regularly available pads.

It’s here! Let your design skills take over while you choose which pieces to put together on your new pad! Please note custom pads take 5-7 before shipping and are subject to a RESTOCK FEE OF 20% if they are returned so please call with any questions you may have before you send in your order.

We strongly encourage you to read the notes below about the options you will see in our product builder before entering the builder. Although the pictures will change as you select options, it can be difficult to see. Also, there are many small notes such as which wear leathers are branded versus tagged, and that while the felt on the square corner pad is square, the leather is still slightly rounded.


This is where you will select your thickness of the base material (black, synthetic felt). You can choose from 1/2″ thickness or 1″ thickness.

You will also select the size of your pad. Keep in mind the first number is the width across the shoulders and the next is the length down the spine. For example, a 30″ x 32″ is 30″ across the shoulders from side to side and the 32″ is the length from the front to the back going down the spine.


This is where you will select the wear leather that is sewn on to the pad. Our standard wear leathers are 3/4 length down the pad, in assorted brown colors. We also keep a few limited edition colors on hand (usually a medium brown, and a dark brown) if you want to choose the specific shade of brown. You can also select solid black. In the full length size, we have a variety of colors and styles that change from year to year – they are all 100% cowhide leather, which are then embossed, colored, stamped, etc. to achieve the desired result such as our faux crocodile styles.

Our 3/4 length wear leathers will be branded with our WonPad logo, while our full length wear leathers have a tag sewn in the side as they cannot be branded.


This is where you will select the vent holes you would like in the pad. The regular vent is our original style and is suitable for most horses. It has three vent holes running straight down the spine of the pad.

We then introduced a flex vent which has one 6” wither vent, and four 6” cross vents (perpendicular to the spine). The flex vent is designed to fit a horse with higher withers or a really flat back as it allows for the felt to contour down more to fit your horses back.

For a wither cut – please see the next item.


This is where you will select whether or not you want the first vent to be cut completely out as a wither cut out. It can be selected with either the regular vent or the flex vent. A wither cut can help with the placement of the pad on a high withered horse allowing it to be brought father forward. The wither cut out is a full 6″ from the front of the pad.


This is where you will select which style of corner you would like. Pony pads, as well as oversize pads, are only available in square cut corners so you will not see this option if you are building a pony pad or oversize pad.

Small round corners are slightly rounded, matching the attached wear leather. Square corners come to clean 90 degree corner at each corner however, please note the wear leathers remain rounded and you will see the black felt in the corner.


This is where you will select no neoprene, standard neoprene, or XP neoprene. If you do not want neoprene on the saddle pad, just select no neoprene and it will come as a “felt only” pad.

Our standard neoprene is 4mm (1/6″) thickness.

Our XP neoprene adds a little more cushion measuring at 13mm (1/2″ thickness). So please note that adding 1/2″ thick neoprene to 1/2″ thick felt will result in a pad that is a total thickness of 1″. Also please note that XP is not available to be added to any 1″ size pads (due to overall thickness) so this option will not appear when you select a 1″ pad base.


This is where you will select which color thread the stitching will be in. The same color is done on both the top and the bottom. White is the standard, although black and hot pink are also available.