Looking at purchasing a WonPad? Here are a few tips to help you get the right fit.


WonPads are a flat piece of felt with neoprene adhered to the bottom – no contour or build up – and there are 2 measurements that will be found in each listing. The first number is the inch measurement of the width across the shoulders, and the second measurement is the length down the spine. So for example, our best selling size is the 30″ x 32″ which means it is 30″ across the shoulders from side to side and 32″ down the spine from front to back.

The easiest way to find a great fit is to measure the saddle you intend to use or a pad that you already have. There isn’t a one size fits all size for the WonPad as you’ll want a nice length down the spine that appropriately sits underneath the saddle. Too short may leave your saddle hanging, and too long may allow the WonPad to rub on the horses hips and/or back end.


WonPads are available in 1/2″ thickness (before neoprene) and 1″ thickness (before neoprene). Regular neoprene will add a little over 1/8″ to the pad, while XP neoprene will add a little over 1/2″ to the pad. (We do not offer the 1″ felt with the XP neoprene.)

Choosing the thickness is a combination of personal preference and riding style / need. Make sure you take into consideration the shape of your horses back, weight / tree of your saddle, amount of time you’ll ride each day, etc. An horse with more bones defined on their back or a saddle that tends to have heavier spots of contact may require a thicker pad or even more cushion that the XP neoprene offers.

Although the 1/2″ pad can be ridden alone as a single pad, some people who prefer a few layers will stack the 1/2″ pad underneath another pad whereas the 1″ pad is intended to be ridden by itself as just a single pad and is more suited for all day or heavier use.


Regular Vent – Three vent holes down the spine of the pad. This is the original style and it is suitable for most horses.

Flex Vent – One 6” wither vent, and 4, 6” cross vents (perpendicular to the spine). The flex vent is designed to fit a horse with higher withers (more contoured style) or a horse with a very round back that requires a little more of the pad settling to the spine to keep it in place better.

Wither Cutout

Our wither cutout is available in our regular size pads and includes a 6 1/2″ wither cutout from the front of the pad. Obviously intended for a horse with a higher wither that needs a little extra room to allow the pad to sit down on the horses back correctly.


Square corner – The pad comes to clean 90 degree corner at each corner (notice the wear leathers remain rounded). People who intend to rope may want to avoid this style as some ropers have told they have caught their rope on the sharp 90 corner.

Small round corner – The pad has a slightly rounded corner matching the attached wear leather.

Forming to Your Horse

The WonPad is a flat piece of felt that will require a few rides to “set” to your horses back. It will depend on weight of the saddle (pressure) and length of the rides to how quickly this will occur. Also a 1/2″ felt pad will mold to the back easier / faster than a 1″ thick pad will. You should notice the pad starting to form after the first few rides. If you’re unsure if the fit is correct or you have concerns, you can give us a call, however please take pictures so we see the fit as well and give you some tips to help.