What does an employee in our warehouse / general labor position do? Read below to learn about this position or scroll to the bottom to learn how to apply!

Well one thing we do a lot of is tying knots. Only so much of the rope making process can be done by machines, so we have a lot of hands-on work to be done.

We also sew in rawhide burners. It’s a large needle and just a few holes, keeping it straight and pulling it tight is the key.

We also paint / dye ropes lots of different colors before we put them through the wax process.

Some ropes also have to go through our wax process. It can be hot and a little messy, and usually we do this once a week.

Ropes also have to be stretched and coiled. We have basic machinery to assist our employees in these processes.

We “finish” a lot of ends by burning them and add shrink tubing before they’re shipped out.

In addition to helping with ropes, we help make saddle pads. Sometimes we cut felt, glue neoprene to them, move stacks around, and help pack pallet boxes.

No previous experience is required – and its ok if you don’t rope or even have horses! All training is provided from day one.

Must be 18 years of age or older due to our machines and processes. Wear your jeans and stay inside a warm, carpeted warehouse Mon-Thurs (we work 4/10s!) 7:30am-6pm.

Going to school? We can work with most schedules. Please make sure you bring your school schedule with you.

TO APPLY: WALK IN FOR AN IMMEDIATE INTERVIEW!! We do not schedule interviews. Please just bring in your resume OR you can complete an application when you get here if you don’t have a resume, anytime during our business hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm, or Friday 8am-2pm and you will be immediately interviewed. You’ll also get a chance to walk through the warehouse and get a feel for what we do! Our address is 2231 N Holmes Ave. in Idaho Falls (right next to Geisler Ranch & Livestock Center). It is a tan and red warehouse and our front door is on the side where the porch is.

Cowboy Cordage Inc. in North Idaho Falls

FULL TIME: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6pm
Must be at least 18 years old.
$12/hour with benefits (health/life insurance)

We manufacture lariat ropes and related products here in our warehouses in North Idaho Falls. Tasks are primarily focused around the production of lariat ropes which includes tying knots, applying shrink tube labels, coiling ropes, putting ropes through the wax process, and moving ropes to appropriate sales racks. In addition to the lariat ropes, we produce saddle blankets. Tasks for this include cutting felt, cutting neoprene, gluing neoprene to the felt, and moving and stacking saddle blankets. Other various tasks include unloading freight trucks bringing in raw materials, helping with larger out-going shipments, and basic cleaning of warehouse areas.

Every person who works here is cross-trained for any and all tasks rather than being assigned to a single task or area. Duties vary daily but are repetitive throughout the week and month. Most tasks require 2 people, although sometimes you’ll be working by yourself. This job is neither fast-paced or slow-paced but rather right in the middle. This is a very active position with task-oriented goals which are based on sales. People most likely to succeed are fast learners, good with their hands, and overall active people.

Full time positions: health insurance is an option after 60 days (Blue Cross) and life insurance is an option after 6 months.