Ben, his wife Brit, their son Harrison, Allison & Steve, Alana, her husband Mike, Cole’s fiance Sarah, and Cole


Steve and Allison Geisler are the founders and owners of Cowboy Cordage Inc. The couple has spent the last 30 years building the business and raising their family. They have three children Ben, Alana, and Cole. After finishing college, two of them have returned home to help with the family businesses.

Steve and Allison are both still involved on a daily basis, with Steve constantly developing new products while Allison manages a variety of tasks in the main office as well as helping Cole with the retail store. When they are not in the office, Steve enjoys training his horses and dogs, and riding his motorcycle. Allison enjoys working in her garden, hiking, and competing in sporting clay competitions.

Their son Cole is currently managing Geisler Ranch & Livestock Center, the family-owned retail store located here in Idaho Falls at the front of the Cowboy Cordage production warehouses.

Their daughter Alana is here with us at Cowboy Cordage Inc. (bio below).

Their oldest son Ben recently retired from the Army, and currently lives in Kentucky with his wife Brit and their son Harrison. He owns and operates a custom leather shop (Aspen Saddlery).


Alana is our General Manager. Among many other projects, she oversees daily operations, designs our advertising campaigns, maintains our websites, and develops product packaging and promotional materials for our brands.

Alana grew up working in the business, but left to attend college and pursue other careers in both St. Louis as well as Tulsa. She returned to Cowboy Cordage Inc. in 2013.

When she is not in the office Alana enjoys going in the Rzr with her husband, playing the piano, and traveling.


Nubia Castillo (right) joined our team in the summer 2013 and is the manager for all operations for our saddle pads. Her assistant Shantal (left), joined our team in 2015. Nubia and Shantal, with the help of their crew, create towering piles of our world renowned saddle pad, making 99% of our orders available for same-day to next day shipping.


Nina joined our team in early 2019. She is our Customer Service Manager, helping our retail customers both over the phone and in person. She also helps Aleshia keep the inventory stocked and shipped out the door.

While she is not in the office, Nina enjoys doing anything outdoors, shopping, and being a mom.


It takes a dedicated crew to get our ropes from thread to lariat each week. Tedd Perrenoud (who has been with us since 1988!) is our lead rope spinner. Lorenzo Martinez controls the quality of our polypropylene rope making sure each coil is consistent. Andrew Frey is the lead production manager and with the help of his crew, they ensure each hondo, burner, and tail knot is perfect. They also inspect each rope before they coil, tag, and hang them on the racks to be shipped to your doorstep.