Our Open Range Ranch Ropes are manufactured by us right here in Idaho Falls, Idaho and come in 40′, 50′, and 60′ lengths. They are nylon and nylon/poly blends and are waxed just like our team ropes.

The rest of our ranch ropes listed here are imported. They are manufactured for us in large coils (600′ and 1300′ lengths) and sent to us to finish. We sell lengths from 30′ up to 120′ in these styles, as well as the coils in either 600′ or 1300′ lengths depending on the style.

Which one is best? Most of it is personal preference. We have 3, 4, and 5 strand ropes. Although 3 strand ropes are more durable, 4 and 5 strand ropes are smoother. Poly ropes are commonly listed in millimeters. A 3/8 Scant rope is most similar in diameter to a 9.5mm, while a 5/16 is most similar to a 9.0mm. Only the Open Range Ranch Ropes are available in specific lays (stiffness) while poly is done in a middle of the road soft. Sometimes you can request a poly on the softer side or the stiffer side — but most of it is all one stiffness.

LEFT: Our Chaos Ranch rope gets rained on during an afternoon storm after a fall gathering in Monida, Montana. © Candace Cope of Monteview, Idaho

RIGHT: Wade Black rides back in to head a few calves with our Eclipse Ranch Rope for his son Teo at the end of the day at the Nicholson Ranch in Cascade, Idaho. © Jessica Smith of Jordan Valley, Oregon