What does a sewing / saddle blanket production job require? Read below! (Scroll down to apply also)

We manufacture lariat ropes and related products here in our warehouses in North Idaho Falls. In addition to the lariat ropes, we produce saddle blankets. Tasks for this include cutting felt, cutting neoprene, gluing neoprene to the felt, and moving and stacking saddle blankets. Other various tasks include unloading freight trucks bringing in raw materials, helping with larger out-going shipments, and basic cleaning of warehouse areas.

Every person who works here is cross-trained for any and all tasks rather than being assigned to a single task or area. Duties vary daily but are repetitive throughout the week and month. Most tasks require 2 people, although sometimes you’ll be working by yourself. This job is neither fast-paced or slow-paced but rather right in the middle. This is a very active position with task-oriented goals which are based on sales. People most likely to succeed are fast learners, good with their hands, and overall active people.

Sewing! We use industrial sewing machines to sew leather to 1/4″, 1/2″, and 1″ synthetic felt as well as 3/4″ and 1″ wool.

Prep work. Our felt arrives in rolls and is cut to a square “blank”. We then trace the pattern, and use a high strength glue to adhere the leathers to the felt or wool before the sewing can be done.

Our glue process. Some of our saddle pads get neoprene attached to the underside with a high strength glue. This process does require the use of a simple respirator to protect against vapors and is only done in short periods of time a few times a week.

Once the pads are sewn and glued, we use a large hydraulic press with metal dies to cut the pads to their finished shape and size.

Lastly we ship these pads all over the nation (and the world!). Sometimes it’s just a single pad and sometimes it’s a pallet. You’ll be building size appropriate boxes, placing the correct product inside per the order sheet, and using our shipping system to generate a label.

Cowboy Cordage Inc. in North Idaho Falls

FULL TIME: Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm, Friday 8am-2pm
Must be 18 years old.
Health insurance is an option after 60 days (Blue Cross) and life insurance is an option after 6 months.

TO APPLY: Normally, we accept walk-in applicants, however, this position will require you to sew during your interview so you need to have a scheduled time. Please use the form below to be considered for an interview.

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