Are you using our ropes, riding our saddle pads, and protecting your horse with our leg gear?
Then consider applying for our sponsorship program!

Our sponsorship program is put in place to help competitors continue to compete and further their career in the rodeo / ranch / horse industry. We invite cowboys and cowgirls of high school age (15) and above, that are currently using a minimum of our ropes, saddle pads, and leg gear, to apply for our program regardless of their event, division, and/or association. Our program gives each recipient a discount as well as a monthly credit towards product. Recipients are required to check in with us each month and let us know about their rodeos / ranch / horse event.

Also, please note that we do not offer “only rope” or “only WonPad” sponsorships. If you are accepted in to the program you will be required to use all of our products exclusively (ropes, saddle pads, leg gear etc.) in both practice and competition . We also do not offer or negotiate any other types of sponsorships for groups, barns, organizations, etc. This is the only sponsorship opportunity we have available and it is offered solely on an individual basis. If you’d like more information before you apply please contact at 800-447-6259. If you are a group, organization, barn, trainer, etc. and have interest in selling our products as well as using them please visit our wholesale page to see if a dealership may be available to you.