Syngrass ranch ropes have the look and feel of the old time grass ropes, but are made from modern engineered synthetic materials. The 3 strand ropes have a lead-core in 2 of its 3 strands, and our 4 strand Syngrass is built like our new Chaos line with a leaded center core. This is a durable rope that requires little maintenance, and has little to no stretch.

In stock sizes include 40′, 50′, and 60′. All other lengths will take an extra 24-48 hours to ship.

**8.0mm & 9.0mm Syngrass has been discontinued. Please check the clearance section for any remaining cuts. **

Syngrass 4 strand is NEW (May 2020)! Syngrass has been available only as a 3 strand for several years — so if you’re looking to re-order the same one you had in the past, the 3 strand is it.