The high quality neoprene that prevents our WonPad saddle pad from slipping also promotes sweating for overall lubrication, which in turn helps to prevent sore spots and keeps your horse cooler. To protect your horse even more, we’ve topped our neoprene with shock absorbing felt and then we added vents along the spine to allow for additional cooling.

Trust a WonPad. You’ll be choosing comfort and protection for your horse, and peace of mind for you.

Enjoy the ride!


The WonPad is made right here in Idaho. We use high quality felt, combined with 4mm scuba-grade neoprene, which is available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Trucks arrive at our warehouse regularly to keep the WonPad manufacturing process moving. Our rolls of felt, stacks of neoprene, drums of glue, and pile of leathers are cut, measured, marked, glued, sewn, glued again, trimmed, and punched out to create beautiful stacks of WonPads ready for shipping to your doorstep.

Leather Choices

We use assorted brown leathers for all of our WonPads, except the Blackout Series (regular size) which features plain black wear leathers and black stitching. Exotic leathers (and a few specific brown leathers as listed here) can be added to several different styles. Choose one of these selections to change the leather that will be added to your pad rather than having an assorted brown leather sent to you.